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208cover imageWithout You I Am DyingPERFORMER1594784696.mp3copyright
Aleksi Räsänen
LanguageAbsolute MusicVoiceInstrumentLYRICISTlikedownload
uploader avatarRhythmNewbornEnergySadCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsFinnish lonely soul walk alone struggle lonely depressed heart weep aloud bad mood release emotion get rebirth advance bravely Aleksi Räsänen

190cover imageLast ReunionPERFORMER1592143839.mp3copyright
Epic Music VN
LanguageAbsolute MusicVoiceInstrumentLYRICISTlikedownload
uploader avatarRhythmNewbornEnergyShockedCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsFinnish Epic Music VN epic music lost all hopelessness heartbreaking in despair fight dauntlessly uplifting gain payback with hope Peter Roe

159cover imageThe DawnPERFORMER1584366169.mp3copyright
LanguageAbsolute MusicVoiceInstrumentLYRICISTlikedownload
InstrumentElectric GuitarYear2002N/A
uploader avatarRhythmVertexEnergyShockedCOMPOSERfavoritenot original
TagsFinnish metal music intro music BGM daybreak before day triumphant return king back Hans Zimmer

139cover imageMore SunPERFORMER1580958182.mp3no copyright
LanguageAbsolute MusicVoiceInstrumentLYRICISTlikedownload
uploader avatarRhythmNewbornEnergyVitalityCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsFinnish piano rap rap beat hip hop happy beat summer vibe happy atmosphere sunshine Ihaksi