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339cover imageAuf und auf voll Lebenslust (Life is so wonderful)SINGER1652606475.mp3copyright
Franzl Lang
InstrumentDrum kitYear1986Unknown
uploader avatarRhythmGrowthEnergyFestiveCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsGerman quick pace joyful song cheerful music wonderful place wonderful life happy life happy world Unknown

321cover imageJohnny BoySINGER1642919980.mp3copyright
InstrumentPianoYear2015Lukas Hainer
uploader avatarRhythmGrowthEnergyInspirationalCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsGerman brave boy go to sea start off stormy weather ride wave far away say goodbye hang there Santiano

315cover imageAloha Heja He (Hey, hello)SINGER1637995262.mp3copyright
Achim Reichel
uploader avatarRhythmGrowthEnergyInspirationalCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsGerman strong rhythm difficult journey air grievance after suffering wonderful calm beautiful place feel cordial ditto

284cover imageSchnappi (Snappy)SINGER1622281072.mp3copyright
Joy Gruttmann
InstrumentDrum kitYear2005Iris Gruttmann
Rosita Blissenbach
uploader avatarRhythmGrowthEnergyLovelyCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsGerman cartoon image nursery rhyme children's song childhood days happy time naive childhood ditto

252cover imageAround the World (La La La La La)
A Touch of Class
InstrumentDrum kitYear1999N/A
uploader avatarRhythmVertexEnergyFolksyCOMPOSERfavoritenot original
TagsGerman cover version high energy Eurodance disco music dance music cheerful rhythm clear melody exotic dream magic melody Алексей Потехин
Сергей Жуков