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308cover image云宫迅音 (Swift Sound from Heavenly Palace)PERFORMER1632641425.mp3copyright
LanguageAbsolute MusicVoiceMan-MadeLYRICISTlikedownload
uploader avatarRhythmVertexEnergyVitalityCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsChinese irreplaceable classic electronic music TV OST opening song swift sound heavenly palace 许镜清

214cover imageあゝ無情 (Ah, Ruthless)SINGER1595486910.mp3copyright
InstrumentDrum kitYear1986湯川れい子
uploader avatarRhythmOutburstEnergySadCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsJapanese TV OST theme song strong rhytm crafty man panic escape turn against sweet briar dress up NOBODY

173cover imageあゝ無情 (Oh, Ruthless)SINGER1586614333.mp3copyright
InstrumentDrum kitYear1986湯川れい子
uploader avatarRhythmFallingEnergySadCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsJapanese quick rhythm classic rock theme song unfaithful husband love affair turn against NOBODY

127cover imageLa Isla Bonita (The Beautiful Island)SINGER1579503895.mp3copyright
Madonna Ciccone
InstrumentDrum kitYear1986Bruce Gaitsch
Patrick Leonard
Madonna Ciccone
uploader avatarRhythmNewbornEnergyFolksyCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsItalian Latin music lively melody Samba Spanish style longing place beautiful island Patrick Leonard
Madonna Ciccone

125cover imageBrother LouieSINGER1579142233.mp3copyright
Modern Talking
InstrumentOtherYear1986Dieter Bohlen
uploader avatarRhythmGrowthEnergySadCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsGerman disco electronic music deep love fall in love true love take love Dieter Bohlen