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SoulCourier About Page

What's SoulCourier

In simple terms, SoulCourier collects and shares all the most popular music with the largest audiences from all over the world! Most of them have a melody that can make listeners fall in love with them in about 10 seconds!

Our common mission

Unify and purify all music on the Internet!

Why making SoulCourier

I can't help letting as many people as possible to know the existence of all great things that I have found, they are just there, there should have been more guys to enjoy and share them!

About music, you should know I rarely like to chat or contact with people using IM, but when happen to hear a great song, no matter what occasion it is or who the opposite is - I will always try my best to get the song's exact name without scruple, and then go back to my place to search it out. And the last thing is here: let more people who enjoy high quality music know its existence (of course they are likely to be some like-minded guys for me).

The most intolerable thing is, if couldn't do that (for example in a driving car), I'll do anything to record as much info as possible about the song using pen and paper or mobile phone. Or in another case, if I didn't hear the lyrics clearly, then I would manage to write down some recognizable words of the music. The worse situation, if I really could find no way to record one song's tunes as audio file, then I will try to translate some of its key melody into simple music score... and then go back home to search/recognize it out.

Worst case is - I have nothing at my side, no pen & paper, no phone, in which case I have to do my best to remember some of the lyrics or tunes using my brain, and return home as soon, and then immediately write down any info still can be called out from my memory - just hope they are enough for positioning that piece of music!

About songs sharing: in the past, I even did this by telling people the song names or singer/composer names they might like (if I find they are listening some songs which are in my favorite list, then I will recommend some similar ones I know to them), or sometimes I maybe use a USB flash drive to share them.

Selection Criteria

First, you should see this point about music appreciation: any great music can always make the most listeners want to get them collected after listening only 10~30 seconds (that's long enough)! In addition, for each song recommended here, you can find its most comprehensive and accurate information that can be usded to find it out.


In SoulCourier, you can discover and enjoy the melody from every corner of the world, most of which are well-known classic works, even many of them are the ones you've never heard before. Because they may come from any country, in any language, or played in any kind of musical instrument that we are familiar with or never knew before.

About the info recognition of music: for the world's most used languages English and Chinese, SoulCourier gives its original language text to identify all the related info (including title, singer, composer and lyricist); for any other language, we will provide both its original title and the English translation version (and use English only for any human name).

As a consequence, the music information may not be so accurate, so please help us correct them!


You will find that SoulCourier abandoned all the traditional music classification patterns that almost all software and applications are using all the time. Instead, we created our unique and particular brand-new classification pattern which is really meaningful and concise. In this case, we can associate every released music in a much more efficient way. Take the 'Rhythm' for example, if we represent it using a simple graph, it would be like this:


For music without any copyright statement, you will be allowed to download from SoulCourier and spread them; but for the ones protected by copyright, SoulCourier only provides their 30-sec sample/demo for everyone.

SoulCourier does not offer download or full online listen for music, just provides this free music recommendation service.

Who can join us

Anyone can join us, as long as you really like high quality music and are willing to share them, then just please join this special community. SoulCourier is tolerant, thus, even if our taste may be completely different, you are also allowed to create your own group, so as to solicit like-minded music lovers.


SoulCourier will continue to be updated and maintained all the time, until 2038 or before that - I die of disease or stick in some unpredictable accidents.

I can't wait to share all the classic songs I've collected on my computer for more than 10 years. But obviously that's an impossible mission, so we have to do it slowly - one by one. Anyway, it would be one of my personal wishes to publish all music before I die!