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188cover image风中的苏鲁德 (Flying Emblem)PERFORMER1589373789.mp3copyright
包· 贺西格
LanguageAbsolute MusicVoiceInstrumentLYRICISTlikedownload
InstrumentMorin KhuurYear2013N/A
uploader avatarRhythmGrowthEnergyFolksyCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsMongolian Genghis Khan Mongolian army battle flag Mongolian nationality guardian angel blood surge 包· 贺西格

183cover imageNightcallSINGER1588433195.mp3copyright
Luísa Hanae Matsushita
InstrumentOtherYear2010Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
uploader avatarRhythmOutburstEnergyFolksyCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsFrench theme song driving night call psychedelic feeling perceived freedom wild oats dark side ditto

182cover image卓玛 (Goddess)SINGER1588344419.mp3copyright
uploader avatarRhythmVertexEnergyFolksyCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsChinese prairie song prairie life Tibetan culture Tibetan goddess goddess beautiful girl galsang flower 秋加措

179cover imageGoing HomeSINGER1587885101.mp3copyright
Sophie Zelmani
InstrumentWooden GuitarYear2002Sophie Zelmani
uploader avatarRhythmGrowthEnergyFolksyCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsSwedish soothing music love story deep love wait lover go home go on keep young Sophie Zelmani

178cover imageAutomaticSINGER1587569151.mp3copyright
Pajaro Sunrise
InstrumentWooden GuitarYear2007Pepe López
Yuri Méndez
uploader avatarRhythmGrowthEnergyFolksyCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsSpanish quiet music light music story end break up no tears parted ways lived happy ditto