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344cover imageTennesseePERFORMER1655020166.mp3copyright
Hans Zimmer
LanguageAbsolute MusicVoiceInstrumentLYRICISTlikedownload
uploader avatarRhythmVertexEnergySadCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
Tagsfilm score theme music epic score comrade-in-arms best friend sweet heart true love recall past unforgettable time Hans Zimmer

343cover imageAurora BorealisPERFORMER1654412539.mp3copyright
John H. Clarke
LanguageAbsolute MusicVoiceInstrumentLYRICISTlikedownload
InstrumentWooden GuitarYear2011N/A
uploader avatarRhythmGrowthEnergyFolksyCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
Tagsour lie ups and downs joys and sorrows change unpredictably on the road accept reality keep going till end ditto

342cover imageHåll om mig (Hold me)SINGER1654408921.mp3copyright
Nanne Grönvall
InstrumentSynthpopYear2005Ingela Forsman
Nanne Grönvall
uploader avatarRhythmGrowthEnergyVitalityCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsSwedish fall in love hot love love me hold me kiss me want you only you save me ditto

341cover imageStill WaterPERFORMER1653196579.mp3copyright
Maksim Mrvica
LanguageAbsolute MusicVoiceInstrumentLYRICISTlikedownload
uploader avatarRhythmVertexEnergyFolksyCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsCroatian still water run deep deep water flowing stream pass by vast mind inner peace chew over Tonči Huljić

340cover imageSmileSINGER1653187662.mp3copyright
InstrumentSynthpopYear2015Hayley Aitken
Olof Lindskog
uploader avatarRhythmGrowthEnergyVitalityCOMPOSERfavoriteoriginal
TagsAustralian positive energy don't worry take breath be happy get excited happy now beautiful tomorrow no regret ditto